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As a sports preschool we aimed to raise children who are rich in imagination, who ask questions, who are inquisitive, who meet different cultures, who can love sports from an early age, who have the social values they live by, who are sensitive, responsible and affectionate. We are passionate about kids power and helping them reach their full potential.

Our goal is to be a universal exemplary school that creates curiosity and enthusiasm for sports starting from pre-school, provides contemporary education, and supports academic and social development with field education methods that observe the individual differences of countries.

To bring together children of different cultures and varieties to integrate them in order to adapt to the different cultural characteristics of the globalizing world, to cultivate mutual respect and racism tolerance, understanding and sympathy for differences,

Our aim is to make movies about children whose native language is not English or who are just learning English to increase their interest in this language and their self-confidence in speaking a foreign language while doing the sports they love.

As a sports kindergarten, we teach goal setting and taking responsibility while developing sharing, leadership and loyalty situations. The SPS Preschool program provides exemplary education for all information. We care that children are unique individuals with a wide range of potentials and needs, as well as various levels of development. By learning other languages and getting to know different cultures, they learn to embrace diversity rather than fear it, the SPS document states. Respecting those who are different from ourselves is a great step towards global understanding and world peace.


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Native Classes in SPS

In our Native Classes we have kids whose mother tongue is English and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child.


International Classes

Our International Classes get your child ready for the next stage – whether it’s moving up a school year or into their bright future. It’s a lifelong learning adventure that your child will love.


National Classes

Our full-time education language is English, and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace


Summer and Winter Camps

As a result of incoming demand from our MUCSS After-School English sports branches, we organize Winter Spring and Summer Sports Camp in English for children in Ankara full of sport and educational activities.



Address: Sukarno cd.No 33 Hilal mah. Çankaya ,Ankara Phone: 0312 439 74 77 Weekend: 09:00 a.m to 18:00 a.m

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