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In National Classes we have kids whose mother tongue is Turkish where the instruction language is English as well. Our full-time education language is English, and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace.


While using English all over the day we  offer exclusive classes for children from different countries under one roof that nurture a love of learning and speaking English.

Our age group classes are:

Nursery Class  (3 to 4 years) : At Nursery age class, the children are very confident and have great play skills.They learn how to be students,develop early literacy and maths skills. Kids are introduced to main letter sounds with fun actions and songs. They also learn to take turns in conversations and express their own words.As sports themed school children understand different ways to move their body and move with confidence in the playground. As a multicultural school we help kids observe the world through science,having a knowledge of different naationalities of the world.

Pre-School Class (4 to 5 years) :  At Pre-Schooll age class, children move on from play-based activities to learning activities. As children develop, they become more inquisitive and interested in the world that they live in. To constantly stimulate and challenge them, we offer fun,hands-on activites and focus on their developmental and educational needs. A science programme is also introduced at this stage where they also get introduced with the culture of different countries.At this stage kids can solve mathematical problems using cubes and shapes. They can retell stories and take parts in role plays individually.

Kindergarten Class (5 to 6 years) : This is an important stage of a child’s development as it is in line with preparations for bigger challenges upon graduation from pre-school. The children will be equipped with the necessary skills in all areas of development. At this stage great focus is put into their emotional well-being as well as academic success. The child will listen,speak,read and represent to expolore thought,ideas,feelings and experience. The child dscribes the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes and analyses the relationship among them.At Kidergarten  age class they know all numbers and can solve problems easily.

As sports-themed Pre-School we follow sports based curriculum in all age groups. We have Tennis, Horsebackriding, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, Ice Skating, Yoga lessons weekly for all ages group classes. .Along with sports activities Phonics, Early Math, Art, Drama, Coding, Cooking, Science, Indoor and Outdoor games, Foreign languages concepts are introduced in SPS classes.

Our multi-activity and multi-cultural classes operate innovative and exciting programs that are designed to capture every child’s interest and imagination.

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Latest Courses

SPS provides private or group lessons of foreign languages as English,Russian,French and Turkish for all ages.

Through active play, kids learn about their bodies’ capabilities and how to control their movements.


ART Club in SPS provides much needed additional art experiences for all ages.


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