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About Us

As the first sports-themed kindergarten in Turkey, we prepare children from a very young age for life in the modern and global world, where creativity, self-confidence, tolerance and the ability to cooperate with other people are very important factors for success.

Here in SPS we're commitied to creatıng warm,friendly and happy environment for your child,where we expose children to a wide range of experience,including arts,music,many types of sport activities,math skills,early literacy. SPS is the modern multi-lingual world with creative learning environment where children enjoy childhood for as long as possible.

Sports Pre-School was founded with the vision of integrating sport and multi-lingual education to encourage and support young sports enthusiasts.Together with our Multi-Cultural Sports school professional trainers,we prepare a range of sport activities.

As SPS we also want children to develop and progress within a stimulating environment that offers many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.For us the best schools are the most dynamic and innovate,that's why children in SPS spend as much time outside as they spend in school.

We know that hands-on experiences in sport help build stronger, smarter, healthier and happier children, and we believe that quality education for young children includes regular opportunities to connect with sport activities,with nature and the local environment. Serving the educational needs of children, we look forward to opening up new worlds for your child in fun and stimulating ways.SPS provides a chance for kids to have different types of sports weekly throught the year.

Our curriculum is based generally on sports activities,such as horse riding,ice skating,swimming,tennis and etc. We believe that if children are happy then they flourish, reach their full potential and carry a love of learning with them for the rest of their lives.Our multilinguai education enables students to discover different countries’ cultures and languages, encourages an open mind and to respect “differences”. From the earliest age, they become true citizens of the world.

Emma Jhonson

School Principal


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Native Classes in SPS

In our Native Classes we have kids whose mother tongue is English and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child.


International Classes

Our International Classes get your child ready for the next stage – whether it’s moving up a school year or into their bright future. It’s a lifelong learning adventure that your child will love.


National Classes

Our full-time education language is English, and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace.


Summer and Winter Camps

As a result of incoming demand from our MUCSS After-School English sports branches, we organize Winter Spring and Summer Sports Camp in English for children in Ankara full of sport and educational activities.



Address: Sukarno cd.No 33 Hilal mah. Çankaya ,Ankara Phone: 0312 439 74 77 Weekend: 09:00 a.m to 18:00 a.m

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