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Our Mission

Many sports and educational branches included in our SPS INTERNATIONAL Kindergarten program are aimed at children's enjoyment and their integration with each other. This sports-themed educational project, which integrates the children of foreign families of different nationalities residing in Ankara and our Turkish children, serves many purposes and also includes two-way integration conditions.

On the one hand, our guest children will make friends with each other and with Turkish children, on the other hand, our Turkish children will meet and socialize with foreign cultures. They will easily learn a foreign language at an early age and will be able to open different windows into their lives. In this way, they will be able to see how fun and easy it actually is to meet different cultures. Our students, who learn how important and necessary a foreign language is in communication during this integration process, will unknowingly add an important building block to their lives.

It is known that learning a foreign language, which is considered difficult even for adults, is generally accepted as meaningless and unnecessary for young children, and that they have difficulty as an education that is resisted. As SPS, we teach them how important it is to learn a foreign language and that it is not difficult at all, by making them do sports at a young age, and we increase their awareness on this subject.

Another aim of our sports-themed school is to identify talents at an early age and continue to support them. We create a multicultural environment where children have the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. Our main goal is to nurture your child's learning priorities and encourage your child to become a well-rounded and self-confident individual, while developing his/her cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.


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Native Classes in SPS

In our Native Classes we have kids whose mother tongue is English and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child.


International Classes

Our International Classes get your child ready for the next stage – whether it’s moving up a school year or into their bright future. It’s a lifelong learning adventure that your child will love.


National Classes

Our full-time education language is English, and with the help of our teachers who have mastered preschool pedagogy we provide enriching experiences for each child, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace


Summer and Winter Camps

As a result of incoming demand from our MUCSS After-School English sports branches, we organize Winter Spring and Summer Sports Camp in English for children in Ankara full of sport and educational activities.



Address: Sukarno cd.No 33 Hilal mah. Çankaya ,Ankara Phone: 0312 439 74 77 Weekend: 09:00 a.m to 18:00 a.m

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